Mastech Group

Group President’s Message
we are committed to provide each partner with all of the above to build a business-friendly structure in order to grow more than just a business relationship but a long-term business partner in today’s challenging world.

Mr Kai-Yin Ip, founder of Precision Mastech Enterprises was a true spirit from Hong Kong. His envisions for the electrical testing industry and business came alive whilst sitting at the Kowloon Pier in front of the Victoria Harbor.

The business started in a small and flat-planned industrial building where Mr. Ip and his founding team built the Mastech business from ground up and by 1998, our manufacturing facility which focuses mainly on housing and plastic parts and cables and metal parts for both our injection workshop and metal workshop. With this business execution and expansion, Mastech soon had its foot-stamp on the world mapand are well known for its quality and reliability.

With 30 years of technical knowledge alongside a group of young sales team, Mastech soon developed a reputation for excellence:
• Excellence in providing Customer Service
• Excellence in providing Solution-based strategy to all our partners
• Excellence in Innovation in both our products and our solutions
• Excellence in building Long-term Partnerships
• Excellence in creating a Business-Friendly culture
• Excellence in genuine Cooperation

With the remodeling of the Mastech business model in 2010, it has now expanded its footsteps onto the world map with a 92,000 square feet factory in China since 2016, a 34,000 square feet office and warehouse set up in North & Central America,an office located in Mexico and a whopping 130,000 square feet office and warehouse in Spain. These locations and upgraded facility in our engineering lab, automated production lines and SMT Lines allows us to become the fastest, most efficient and most of all, the most results driven business partner in our industry.

This new business model allows all our partners to enjoy:
• Increase Lead Time (meaning decreased waiting time)
• Increased budget-spend on MOQ (meaning less pressure on minimum orders)
• Increased Value on Costing (meaning decreased operating cost)
• Increased Post Sale Services (meaning partners are able to enjoy a seamless buying experience)

Mastech shall at all times adhere to all your needs and requirements, even at the most challenging of times.
Mastech shall continue to strive to advance our technologies and developments in these forever evolving times.
Mastech shall endure the ultimate test to sustain growth, superior performances and exceptional deliveries.

Come and experience the Mastech journey.

Our Services

The Sales Team

Mastech Sales Team is committed to provide 100% effort in customer services in terms of: Presentations, Post Customer Service, Fulfillments, Logistics, Technical Support, and After Service.

Mastech has successfully established more than 200 global strategic partners globally with double digit growth annually. We have been a trusted supplier of branded test instruments for the past 30 years with the experience and our quality of service, we are confident to exceed your expectation.

Mastech Products

Mastech focuses on providing the best quality and innovative product with the best service to our customers. With our rich product line and continuous effort of product upgrades and improvement, we are proud to offer a full range of products from Digital Multimeters, Digital Clamp Meters, Voltage Testers, Plug Testers, and all range of Environmental Testers to our valued customers. Our products are suitable but not limited to: DIY market, educational institutions, electricians, laboratories (R&D), and construction industries.

In addition, safety and quality is our top concern in product development. Our R&D and production are in strict compliance with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) following both safety standards and environmental standards with certification of CE, ETL, UL, GS.

We strongly believe a solid foundation is the key to expansion in the global market.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

Any bright ideas? Let us know!
As a leading supplier in the field, other than Mastech’s original product line, we also offer our knowledge and technologies to help our customers in making their dream tools.

With 30 years of experience and the capability to provide homemade tools and parts, we offer professional assistance to guide customers through the development process from spec setting, industrial design, tooling, mock-up samples and testing.

We understand you are the expert in your market and you know your customers more than we do. Therefore, we are here to provide our best support and share our experience to build the best product for you.

Any bright ideas? Let us know, and we will make it happen!